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Pack Creek Bears & The Legend of Stan Price

Pack Creek Bears & The Legend of Stan Price

A beautifully illustrated story of Admiralty Island brown bears and the man who lived among them is now available.

This 37 page booklet will appeal to those who love wild country, wildlife behavior, and accounts of bigger-than-life characters who have succeeded in living unique wilderness lifestyles that are well beyond the reach of the rest of us.

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To order book - $10 plus $4 shipping and handling.

Brown Bears of Admiralty Island

Brown Bears of Admiralty Island Book

A book review by Allison Kozak in the Earth Justice Summer 2002 IN BRIEF newsletter stated; "Filled with stunning photos of the bears and their habitat, this glossy 38-page booklet successfully captures your imagination and promotes the goals of Friends of Admiralty Island."

We believe the purposes of the book to promote a greater understanding of Admiralty and its bears has been successful. We have increased our membership, which adds to the growing number of voices of those who advocate Admiralty's protection.

Please support Friends of Admiralty and order your copy of this inspirational best seller, Brown Bears of Admiralty Island.

Price $10.00 plus $4.00 per shipping order.

Brown Bears Book

Wolf Totem by JoAnn George

Wolf Totem Print by JoAnn George

One of Southeast Alaska's preeminent artists, JoAnn George, has made her home in Angoon since 1967. A Tlingit village seventy miles south of Juneau, Angoon is nestled in the Admiralty Island National Monument and Kootznoowoo Wilderness. Introduced into Tlingit cluture through marriage and life in Angoon, JoAnn interprets this knowledge through a creative combination that embodies Tlingit cluture and the natural world of Southeast Alaska. A mother of two, JoAnn spends her hours hiking, boating and observing in the forests and inlets of the area, where bears, eagles, whales and other wildlife roam freely as they have for thousands of years. JoAnn's deep feeling for the land and wildlife is often expressed in her art as she blends the natural environment with the reality and legend of Tlingit culture.

JoAnn George "Wolf Totem"

Voices of Humpbacks CD

The Sounds of Humpback Whales


Friends of Admiralty Island is pleased to distribute the 60-minute compact disk, Voices of Humpback Whales – From the Waters of Admiralty Island.  The sounds were by recorded by Lou Barr during quiet night-time hours of December  -  a time of year when the number of feeding humpbacks congregating along Admiralty’s east shores can exceed 100.  The timing of this gathering precedes the majority of humpback migrating from Southeast Alaska to tropical waters where they calve.  The CD lends itself to brief periods of listening in the course of one’s busy life.  It also makes good listening when one has time to relax, close their eyes, and imagine themself lying in a berth in the cozy cabin of Lou’s boat, listening to the original sound by hydrophone as he did. 

"Voices of Humpback Whales from the Waters of Admiralty Island.
Price: $9.50 includes shipping.


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