"Pack Creek Bears & The Legend of Stan Price"
A beautifully illustrated story of Admiralty Island brown bears and the man who lived among them is now available. More info...

Pack Creek Bears & The Legend of Stan Price


Scientific Sampling In Hawk Inlet Reveals Serious Toxicity Levels

A Report and Summary
compiled by the Friends of Admiralty Island
March 31, 2018

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Voices of Humpbacks

Voices of Humpback Whales from Admiralty Island Waters! Click Here.

2016 News: Toxic Metals Contaminate Hawk Inlet

Admiralty Island

Wild places have special magic to lay claim to the hearts and lives of the people that they touch. Admiralty Island is such a place. Nearly 100 miles long, with 700 miles of saltwater shoreline that encompass its roughly 1 million acres, this verdant gem of old-growth rainforest graces the northern part of the Southeast Alaskan panhandle’s Inside Passage.

Admiralty possesses an extraordinarily rich and beautiful ecosystem where saltwater inlets and beaches rest at the foot of snow capped mountain spires. In the Island’s interior nameless untracked valleys are bracketed by steep forested slopes that plunge away into muskeg meadows, or the shores of numerous inland lakes accessible only by floatplane. Preserving some of the largest intact expanses of temperate old-growth rainforest that remain in Alaska, the cathedral-like forests of Admiralty’s valley bottoms are threaded with pristine streams teeming with salmon, and are home to the densest populations of brown bears and bald eagles found anywhere in the world.

Still largely whole and pure and bountiful, a vestige of the world as it once was, Admiralty remains a stronghold of the Tlingit Indian people’s culture. And for native and non-native alike who have been blessed by Admiralty Island’s presence some mixture of awe and sheer gratitude that such a place still exists in the modern world compels us to act on the Island’s behalf.

Friends of Admiralty Island is made up of those who are moved to speak up for the inestimable value of this magnificent treasure. Established in 1987, we are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to publicly advocating for the continued protection of the Island’s wilderness values; and to supporting Admiralty’s role in providing sustainable, wilderness-based, recreational, educational, and economic opportunities.

Through our website we wish to provide general information about the Island itself, and hopefully also some insight into just what makes this such a special place worthy of protection. We will also provide information on current issues facing Admiralty Island and opportunities for further involvement in crafting solutions.